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Hello Ladies,

So recently I have been obsessed with eyelash extensions and I would keep getting new set of lash extensions or refills without letting my natural lashes have a break.

Then I was convinced that I should give my natural lashes a break so I went to get the extensions removed and to my horror- my natural lashes were almost gone! Like I could barely see them, they were short and sparse. I am very sure that my lashes before the extensions were not like this so I was desperately looking serums to help these poor lashes grow.

Initially, I was skeptical and not sure if the serums would work or if it’s just fake marketing. Furthermore the serums are very expensive, for such a small bottle, it costs over €100 for 3ml worth of liquid. Its says on the bottle that you can use it for 6 months or so, but still! It is very expensive.

But as I said, my lashes are in desperate need for revival so I bit the bullet and bought it.

The first month of using, I did not see much result- rather I saw that one side has slightly more lashes than the other and on the second month I saw lots of baby lashes growing but not much difference.

Now I am on my third month and I could really see my natural lashes being longer and fuller! I am so happy with the results!

So this is the serum I have decided to try:


This is a product that requires patience, you won’t see results straight away but one day, after a couple of months- it will surprise you!

Will I get extensions again? Yes! Because they are beautiful and makes my morning beauty routine super easy, but this time I will definitely use serum and give my lashes a break!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by Revitalash. Just sharing an honest review!


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