Travel Guide: London

London-my home away from home. What can I say? I love this city!  There are plenty of things to do in the English capital and there is always something happening or something new opening hence it is challenging to give a definite ‘Things to do” list. However I have managed to come up with the classic must do’s whenever you are in town.

10 Things to do:

1. Westminster- Get off at the Westminster  tube station and you will see Big Ben,House of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and the London Eye.


2. Experience an English afternoon tea: Be it a traditional or quirky afternoon tea- there is something for everyone. There are options such as a fashion inspired, art-inspired, Alice in the Wonderland themed or Beauty &a the Beast afternoon tea. Another Instagram worthy place is Sketch.

3. Tower Bridge often mistaken as London Bridge. The bridge is next to the Tower of London.

4. Visit Buckingham Palace

5. Explore Covent Garden- There are many shops and restaurants in the area.

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6. Piccadilly Circus- the Soho of London


7. Get lost in Harrods

8. Visit Warner Bros Harry Potter


9. Watch a Musical in the West End- people often ask “Which is the best musical?” and my answer is ALL of them if not they wouldn’t be showing in London! I have to say I have not seen every single musical but I have seen many and so far there is not one that was bad. Some of the ones I have watched are Lion King, Grease, Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Matilda, Aladdin, etc.

10. Mayfields Lavender Field- You don’t have to go to France to see lavender! There is one located in the south of London. The season of lavender is from June to August.

Other Things To Do:

Victoria & Albert Museum (free edmission)

British Museum

Sherlock Holme’s Museum

Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum

Vist Camden Town

For some retail therapy, head to Oxford Street/ Regent Street


Regent Street

Leicester Square


Recommended Restaurants:

When in England, you have to try the english classic Fish & Chips. You must drizzle vinegar and sprinkle some salt for a true English experience!

And obviously the big English breakfast

Places to Stay:

Budget: Premier Inn or Hub by Premier Inn– There are many branches around London so you can pick the one that is most convenient to you.

Marriott Hotel: This hotel is located in Westminster and some of the rooms have a view of the Parliament building.

Travel Tips:

1.The currency is British pound (£) not Euros (€)

2. London Underground- if you are going to be taking the tube multiple times the same day, i would recommend taking a day pass as it would be more economical than having an oyster card (card for the tube).

3. A more economical alternative to the iconic Black cabs is Uber. If there is more than 2 of you then you should consider taking cabs instead of the tube as this would be a more economical option travelling around central.


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