Travel Guide: Bali

Hey everyone! If you follow me on Instagram then you would know that Jan and I went to Bali for our honeymoon and we loved it very much!

Because it is a honeymoon, we decided that we wanted to do “resort hopping” and stay in one part of the island to relax and pamper ourselves. We did manage to see some beautiful sites and experience the Balinese culture.

Bali is an Instagram dream. There are so many places and activities to fill your feed that sometimes it is difficult to choose what you should do when you have limited time.

Here is my guide to Ubud:

  1. Flower Baths: I don’t know about you, but one of the main reasons I went to Bali was to experience a flower bath! And it was very romantic indeed. Usually these baths can be combined with a massage or spa package. There are many places that offers these baths but we chose the Kaveri Spa at the Udaya. This is a place you must book atleast a month in advance to get your desired time slot. 



I tried the Citrus bath and the flower bath and if I had to choose one- I would definitely go with the citrus bath because it is so different.

 2. Spa & Massages: You must experience a Balinese massage whilst you are here. The price ranges from €20 to €200 depending on where you go. We did try a place that was €20 and the massage was good but the atmosphere was terrible so personally I did not like that.


3.       Bali Swing: So this place is overly hyped but I still think it is worth going if you have a lot of time in your hands because to take one swing shot, you will have to queue for 3 hours for 1 minute on the swing. And that is the truth. My husband and I went on 2 swings and one attraction and we spent 5 hours there- what a romantic honeymoon right? Well we got to spend quality time with each other.

4.       Pura Lempuyang Luhur: The temple is a 2 hour drive from Ubud and it is a place where you need to get there at the break of dawn to get these dreamy pictures- there was a massive queue and we arrived at the temple at 6am! Anyways to my disappointment, there wasn’t a pool of water but actually a mirror that does these effects. There is a guy that sat on a stool with a mirror, and you just give him your phone and some money and he will take these breath taking photos of you!


5.       Tirta Gangga: This is just a 10minute car ride from the Pura Lempuyang Luhur and I would recommend a visit whilst you are in that area. This was a former royal palace and it’s really beautiful. You can feed the giant koi fish there.

6.       Kanto Lampo Waterfall: My husband said this was the highlight of his trip only because he got some great shots of himself! Jokkees. This waterfall is stunning and a really great place to have a cool picture. When we were there, there was a local who was helping the tourists take pictures and again you just have to give him a tip. The pictures he took are simply WOW!

7.     Tegallalang Rice Terrace: This was my first time ever visiting a rice field even though I grew up in Asia and I was blown away by the beauty. Pictures do not do it justice. However, you should know that there is a lot of walking and climbing up “stairs”  at the field- so wear comfy shoes.

8.       Floating breakfast: Can you say you have been to Bali without experiencing a floating breakfast? NO! We had 2 floating breakfasts and I have to say that the one in the private villa was amazing!



9. Hotels & Resorts: Bali is a place in which the hotels and resorts are an attraction itself so here is the list



1.       Kamandalu Resort– The resort is so luxurious and ha so many activities within the hotel itself. An activity we opted for was picnic on a boat in their lagoon and we enjoyed it very much. It was something different.






I would also recommend the spa. It is a little expensive but it is worth it.  We had a couple’s massage that had like a papaya scrub. At the end of the massage, ask for ginger tea-it is the best!

Floating breakfast: Well for us it was not something I would recommend at this hotel because they oversell this activity. The would advertise it as a “private breakfast” at a public pool because the pool is only open at 10am so you have breakfast at 9am (hence private) and that you would be the only couple- that is not true. When we were at breakfast, there were 3 other couples around and was crowded because it is not a very big pool. Nevertheless, we got our money back though so it was alright but I would not pay an additional $80 for it when breakfast was already included.


2.       Ubud Village Resort & Spa

This was the first hotel we stayed and it was super luxurious. We had our own pool villa with an outdoor tub. It was our own paradise. We loved this place because it was so tranquil and quiet. We really felt at peace when we were there. They served a complimentary afternoon tea everyday at 4pm which was really nice and offer shuttle services into the village.



3.       Udaya Resort & Spa

This is by far our favourite hotel and it is also the most pocket friendly! The staff here went above and beyond for us every time and I have never experienced such hospitality. The restaurant in the hotel is highly recommended- you must order the satay! I don’t really like satay in general but I loved the ones they serve! 

For this hotel, you must opt for the pool villa- they can even fill your pool with flowers!



We mainly ate in the hotel because my husband was too afraid to get a tummy ache. We always had the classic: Mee Goreng

However I would recommend a local favourite for Babi Guling- it is called Ibu Oka and it is located right beside the Ubud Palace. It was delicious!


Other Activities:

White Water Rafting: This was an activity that was not planned in our itinerary but our hotel offered it and so we went! We had a lot of fun and it was very safe. The only downside is that face that we had to climb 400 steps at the end to get to the van. I was dying.

Travel Tips:

1.       The currency here is Indonesian Rupees. Many places accept USDs but it is best if you change to Indonesian Rupees so you do not get ripped off

2.       Always ask the hotel to book your activities or hire a driver for you. A lot of the time, the hotel are able to get a special price for their guests and it is also much safer this way



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