The New Workout: Face Gym

Prepping for fashion month? There is a new and unexpected step to add to your fitness arsenal: a personal trainer for your face.

Initially a Selfridge’s concession, FaceGym has branched out into a new flagship in Chelsea, London and is expanding nationally. This twist on a facial targets more than 40 muscles from the neck up, and the results are serious. Founder Inge Theron traveled the world reviewing spas and from those experiences, she has incorporated the best techniques to sculpt, tone, and lift through intense facial massage techniques of the facial muscles.

This is possibly the best workout ever because the“ face trainer” will take on all the heavy lifting (a real bonus!) with a series of sculpting moves that tone and tighten facial muscles while you sit back and relax.

Clients can choose from a range of treatments that might include state-of-the-art laser or radio frequency machines, and custom pick from a selection of facial oils, which you can blend with their in-house mixologist, at the space’s free-standing skin-care bar.

I chose the Signature which I would highly recommend if you are 25 years and below.


FaceGym, 352 King’s Road, London, SW3

Selfridge’s London


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