Milan: Contraste

Milan: Contraste

Contraste is the foodies of all the restaurants I have ever tried. The restaurant is almost like it is hidden as you have to ring the doorbell to enter. When the iron door is open, you go through a little garden before going into the dining room.

The decor in the dining room is minimal with a brain-like artwork as the centre piece of the table. When the diners are seated, they are given a menu with a mirror! The mirror is meant to represent the chefs’ intention of making the meal feel personalised and tailored to the diners.


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There is also exquisite artfulness involved where the doughnut Bolognese looks like a sweet pastry, but it actually taste like lasagne as well as pasta that looks like peas! Also, there is the “salad” dessert which takes gastronomical experience to a whole new level! I am so impressed, I have never taste anything like it. Contraste is innovative and unique where 4 of your 5 senses (sight, smell, taste and touch)! Every dish is a piece of art- this is a must visit for food connoisseurs and food lovers!



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