Welcome to our happily ever after!

For our Paris wedding, I am sharing with your our super incredible team of vendors and details of my bridal look.

The Photographer- Audrey from Audrey Paris Photo

I have been following Audrey on Insta for many years now and always knew that when it was my big day she was going to be the photographer. She creates the dreamiest and timeless pictures with a light pink filter- that is her signature.

The cake- Synies

We chose red velvet for our wedding cake. Why? It is our favourite! Synies created a simple and elegant cake, decorated with fresh flowers.

The Dress- Emmanuel Haute Couture

Since I was a little girl I knew exactly how I want my wedding dress to be. Seeing my dreams become reality was such a surreal moment. The journey from sketch to choosing the lace to the finished piece was so much fun. A big thank you to Samantha of Emmanuel Haute Couture and the team for making my dream dress.

The Headpiece by Hermione Harbutt

This was a bespoke headpiece from Hermione. I have always wanted a headpiece for my big day but I did not want a tiara. I wanted something that was a mix between a flower crown and a headband. Hermione created this piece with crystals and beads. This can be worn many different ways on the head and as a necklace too!

The Wedding Shoes by Manolo Blahnik and Charlotte Olympia

I have 2 pairs of wedding shoes, because why not?

I have aways knew that I wanted to wear the Palomas from Charlotte Olympia when I get married because I really needed the height and they are pretty comfortable.

And for the Manolo, they were unplanned. I was actually just browsing in the Manolo Blahnik concession up in the Shoe Heaven of Harrods when I came across the white version of the Hangisi pumps and I knew instantly that this was going to be my wedding shoes.

Did you know that you can dye white pair of satin shoes to any colour you like? So lets say you got these for your wedding and then thought white would be a difficult colour to match your outfit, you can actually dye it to blue or black or whatever you choose! So it is actually pretty worth it to get it.

The SA at Harrods told me that it is a professional that dye the shoes. You will have to ask the SA at Harrods or any boutique for the details.

Makeup and Hair by Boe Wright of Botias Makeup

Boe is incredibly talented. I came across her on Instagram and knew immediately that she was going to to my hair and make up for the big day. She created two looks for me: the first is a dreamy, princess wedding day look for me and the second is a Hollywood glamour wave for the evening look.

“I have 2 pairs of wedding shoes, because why not?”


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