Beauty Bible: Lanolips

Ladies, I have just found the MUST-HAVE lip balm to combat chapped lips and dry skin.

*Drumroll please*

The Lanolips Original 101 Ointment is enriched with pure lanolin, which has a unique molecular structure that closely resembles and mimics your own skin oils to restore moisture anything else which is perfect for anyone with chapped lips and dry skin. Lanolin allows skin to self-hydrate, holds 200% of its weight in moisture and contains no artificial fragrances, parabens, etrolatum, mineral oil or sulphates. How amazing is that?!

This multi-purpose ointment is intensely hydrating, nourishing and 100% natural! Lanolips claim that it has 101 uses such as providing immediate relief from everything such as chapped lips to dry spots to sore cuticles and even the nasal passages. If your skin is suffering from very dry skin then you should mix the ointment with your favourite moisturiser to supercharge your skin. 

This multi-tasker is a must this winter and every season! Vaseline is an old faithful, and I have been loyal for so long! As I was looking for Vaseline in Milan, I couldn’t seem to find it anywhere but stumbled across Lanolips….and lets just say the rest is history…

Highly recommended! Click here to snap yours now!

xxx (Kisses from my super-moisturised Lanolips lips)


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