Beauty Bible: Bio-Oil

At this day and age, social media is life. We all want to look like an Insta-ready golden goddess and the solution is easy- Bio-Oil! You can find this in Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, etc.

Although traditionally Bio-Oil is a go to product for scars and stretch marks, there is actually more uses for this super versatile oil! Below are 4 additional benefits:

1.Shaving: You can apply this amazing oil before and after shaving to reduce shaving bumps- giving the supermodel glow to your legs!

2. Sun care: The oil can also be used as an after sun care as the Vitamin E rehydrates the skin as well as improving the elasticity.

3. Cuticle and heel treatment: The wonder oil can also be used to treat dry cuticle and heels.

4. Facial serum or Primer: During winter, I like to add serum to my moisturiser to give my skin extra hydration. Or before applying matte lipstick, I like to put some serum on my lips.

We all have a cabinet in the bathroom that is full of products and yet don’t even use half of them! So why not just replace them with one product- Bio-oil! This multi-beneficial product will ease your skincare routine giving you beautiful, radiant skin without the heavy price tag!


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