A Fringe for 2021

As we are inching ever closer to the hair salons opening in Germany and after weeks in the hair wilderness, the big question is: what am I going to go for? It’s a tricky one.

On one hand, this time alone with my strands has made me appreciate my natural texture, and with my lob (from last May) growing out, my hair has grown really long again and I am loving it. On the other, I am just bored sick of staring at the same four walls and the same hairstyle every day and a major chop sounds very tempting. You know just to spice up my boring life.

This year has definitely made me reflect, and I have a desire to experiment, take a risk and not be boring and also I have so many baby hairs at the front that just needs time to grow out.

So I contemplated long and hard and finally decided after watching Bridgerton that I want a fringe. But not as short as Daphne’s but rather a fringe that is Versatile enough to be worn straight across my brows or split down the middle and swept off to either side.

What are your thoughts on a fringe?

From my research, these “curtain fringes” are one of the easiest fringe styles to wear as it can be worn and grown without too much attention and they stay looking strong even without needing to head to the salon for maintenance.


I have had the fringe for a month now and I love it. I love it so much that I am deciding to keep it a little longer and got a little maintenance trim.

Why? I think that it gives me an effortless stylish look without much effort. For example when I have a messy bun or a pony tail, the fringe just adds something interesting to it. Also it can be worn in different ways, like to the side, with a middle parting like a “curtain” or a normal fringe.


What I told my hairstylist?

“I want a sort of full, but not too full; fluid, but not stringy kind of fringe; and well matched with my overall length.”



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