5 Best False Eyelashes

5 Best False Eyelashes

Are you looking for the best false lashes? You’ve come to the right place. I have tried out a host of fake eyelashes and whittled it down to the best top 5. Whether you want flirty long-lengths or barely-there lengthening lashes, look no further, browse my edit of the top 5 false lashes now.

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1.MAC: These fake lashes is the professional choice! MAC lashes last all day so they are a great choice for special occasions like weddings, parties and festivals. If removed carefully they can also be used multiple times, so they are great value for money.

2.Shu Uemura: My all time favourite is the Flare Eyelash Luxe black because the eyelash strip is a little thicker hence easier to apply and it has the va-va-voom effect! This would be ideal for beginners in applying false lashes. They can be reused multiple times. There is a wide selection of lashes available from natural lashes to statement lashes- there is something for everyone!

3. Illamasqua: These eyelashes will give you enchanting, feather-like false lashes to complete, complement and add drama to any look.

4. Benefit False Lashes : These are my favourite ‘are-they-aren’t-they?’ natural looking lashes.

5. Eylure: King of eyelashes, Eylure have hundreds of styles to choose from. Easy to use and long-lasting, I love the volume style (No.083) for an au naturel day look. If you want to try on fake eyelashes, this would be the best purse-friendly option.However the lash line is quite thin and delicate which might be tricky for a beginner.

At the end of they day it really is personal preference. I would normally go for the volume option as I have long lashes but not much of it. There are others who would prefer the lengthening option or a more natural looking option, and there are others who would opt for a dramatic, bold and daring look!

Beauty Tip:

When it comes to looking good in false eyelashes, it’s all about precise application. This can be tricky when it comes to applying lashes. Start by measuring them against your lash line and trim off the excess length. (If you decide to purchase the lashes from MAC or Shu Uemura, Illamasqua or Benefit, you can ask the Sales Advisor to measure and trim it for you).

If you are looking for an eyelash adhesive, I would recommend the Duo Adhesive. It is safe for contact-lens wearers, long-wearing and it dries clear.


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